Registration and login

How do I create a Run this place account?

Before you start registration, please make sure that your office building uses the services of Run this place. Follow the steps to create a Run this place account:
 1. Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the Run this place app on your phone.

2. Enter your business email address and request your registration code.
Please note: We can’t accept email addresses from private accounts such as Gmail, GMX, and so on.

3. We’ll send you the registration code to your business account as soon as we’ve reviewed your request.

4. Find the email from Run this place with the registration code in your inbox, enter the code on the app, and activate your account.

Please note: If for any reason you can’t click or tap on the Activate account button, write down the code from the email or remember it yourself. For your safety, the copy-paste option is turned off.

5. Then follow the steps described on the app and start using Run this place.

I requested a registration code but haven’t received one yet. What can I do?

Looks like something happened with the email we sent you. To find the email with the registration code

- Please check your spam folder.

- Ensure that the business email address you provided doesn’t have any typos.
- If you signed up with a private email address, please go back and enter your business email address.

I can’t log into my account. What can I do?

We might update our app from time to time to improve the experience while you’re using the app.

If you can’t log into your account, please update the app to the latest version and try again.

If it still doesn’t work, make sure that the software of your device is also up to date.



The barrier at the gate does not open automatically, but I’ve already added the license plate number to the app

Don’t worry. Here’s what usually works:

Back your car up, keep your wheels straight, and stay within the lines as you slowly approach the barrier. Then brake.
Is the barrier still not opening? Press the call button on the intercom and ask the staff to make an exception and release the barrier manually.

One last thing:

Needless to say, that we want you to enjoy automatic check-in and check-out. So please send us a message with the issue via the contact form. You can find it in your profile under get in touch.

There’s another car on the paid parking space I booked.

We’re sorry this happened and hope you found another parking space for your car - of course, we will refund you the parking fee. Please send us a message including the booking time via the contact form. You can find it in your profile under get in touch.

This may have happened because of unauthorized parking or because the time of the previous booking has expired.

My parking time expired. Can I still use the automatic check-out? 

Yes, of course. Because we all know: Life has its own plan. 

You can use the contactless check-out within 30 minutes after your session expires. 

Let’s say your reservation endsat 2 pm, the automatic check-out will then work until 2:30 pm. After that, please refer to the parking garage staff to get instructions on how you can leave the parking garage.

Can I check into the parking garage automatically with another car?

Yes, of course. We created Run this place to offer you services that meet your busyworkday needs. 

You can check in and out of the parking garage with any car, once you add to the app the license plate number of the car, you want to use for the commute. You can add up to three car license plates, but you can only enter the parking garage with one car during the booking period.

What is a paid parking space on the app?

If your company’s parking spaces are booked out for the time you want to park, you can book a paid parking space provided by Run this place. Just go to the app and reserve your parking spot or EV charging point.

How can I book a paid parking space?

Click on Book in the app.Then set the date and time when you want to park.

We will first show you free parking spaces for your company.
If these are fully booked or occupied at the selected time, we will show you paid parking spaces as an alternative. These are provided by Run this place.You will instantly get an estimated fee for your booking. However, you’ll only be charged the actual parking time. 

When booking for the first time, please add your credit card information and complete the booking.

How are parking fees calculated?

You’ll only be charged the actual time you use the parking space:Your stay will be timed from when you first enter the parking garage until the time that you exit. The billing is accurate to 15 minutes. You’ll then find the invoice for the booking on the app.

We’ll also send you a confirmation message for the completed parking session containing the total cost of your stay which we’ll charge you to the stored payment method on the following day.

How can I cancel a paid parking space?

You can cancel your paid parking space at any time before your booked parking time starts. To do that, go to Book on the taskbar and select the reservation you wish to cancel. Then tap on Free cancellation to confirm you want to cancel. There are no additional fees.

How can I add my parking space number to the app?

If you booked a parking space with Run this place, send a message to your office manager and ask them to add the parking space number to your profile.If there is no person in charge at your company, please send us a message via the contact form. You can find it in your profile under get in touch. We’re happy to help you.

What is pallet parking?

In a pallet parking spot, you place your car in a metal structure (pallet) which can be moved at the touch of a button and parked on another space. Please help other drivers move your car smoothly, making sure to park within the lines. For further questions please get in touch with your office manager.

Your parking space is next to a pallet parking

Your booked parking space may be blocked by another car on a pallet parking. You can move the metal structure (pallet) at the touch of a button to access your parking space.

Please ensure that you park within the lines. You can find more information at the parking garage.

My parking space is a duplex garage. Can I still share it?

Since you need access keys to enter the duplex garage, you cannot share it with your colleagues. If you have any questions, please contact your office manager.

Why should I share my parking space?

Sometimes you don't need your parking space. When you' re sick, for example, or when you' re on vacation. Then there are many reasons to let someone else park there:

 - You make colleagues who need a parking space happy.
- Visitors can easily park here.
- You save resources and relieve the public parking space. 

By the way, you can cancel at any time if you change your mind.

I don’t know the number of my parking space.

You can find your parking space number in the Book area under the respective booked parking space. 

You have a long-term parking space and it is not yet displayed in the Book area? Then contact your person in charge of parking space management in your company and ask them to store your parking space for you in the app.


How can I charge my electric car?

The charging station will turn itself on automatically as your number plate is detected and you pass the barrier at the gate.

It will stay active for 15 minutes. Take your time to head to the charging point, then plug your charging cable into the charging point, and connect it to your car.

The charging station will turn inactive 15 minutes after you pass the barrier at the gate. Tap on Activate charging point to restart it.

To stop charging, unplug the charging cable from the car’s socket.

I need an invoice for the charging fee

We will automatically charge the fee to your stored payment method a few days after you charged your car at a Run this place charging station. To get your invoice, go to http://wrln.de/ and enter the transaction ID you find on the bill of your last charging event. Then download the invoice.

How much does it cost to charge my electric car?

You will pay your charging fee in kWh. Depending on local market conditions the price ranges from 0,39 € to 0,69 € per kWh. You will pay less per kWh with promotional offers. See the current price per kWh on the side of your charging station, at the TAP Payment Modul.


How long does it take to charge my electric car?

Our charging points allow you to charge your electric car at a maximum of 11 kW charging power. The charging time depends on the level and properties of your car’s battery.

I’m having technical issues at the charging station – what can I do?

If charging does not work properly or you can’t unplug the charging cable from the car’s socket, call+49 40 53798300 (Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm)

You will be attended in English if you wish.

To help us quickly find a solution, please share with us your location, including the charging station’s number. You’ll find it on the station’s side.

I was charged an incorrect amount for the charging – what can I do?

You’ll exclusively find calibrated charging stations at our parking garages. That means they’ll be exact on the amount of kWh you’ve charged. If it looks like we invoiced you the wrong amount, please talk to us by sending a message to support@run-this-place.com. Remember to include the transaction ID from the bill and the day and time you used the charging station.

All about the app

Help! My app crashes

We’re sorry. Something went wrong on our side.

To resolve the issue, try closing and reopening the app. 

If the problem continues after closing and reopening the app, use our contact form to send us a short message describing the problem. You can find it in your profile under get in touch. It will help us quickly find a solution for you.

Is the Run this place app free of charge?

If your office building uses our services, you can use the Run this place app. Our service is free of charge. Just go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the app.

I don’t have a car. Should I download the app anyway?

Definitely. We’re working on more services that will improve your well-being in your day-to-day life. So, you won’t need a car to make meaningful and productive the time you spend at work. With Run this place, you can save energy for things that really matter.

What's next?

I like the parking feature, will there be other services anytime soon?

We’re happy to hear you like our smart parking system. But if you feel that there’s still room for improvement to make your workday even more comfortable, we have good news for you:We’re currently working on new services that will improve the quality of life in your workplace.Can’t wait? Turn on notifications in your phone settings, and we keep you posted on new features and services.

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