Straight from A to B – no matter when or where 


People who arrive at work feeling relaxed are more motivated and productive. That’s why we are making it easier for people in your office building to perform tasks like parking and charging their e-cars.

Get VIP treatment at the barrier


Seatbelt stuck, forgotten your transponder, or it’s just so lovely and warm in the car? Forget all the tiresome stretching exercises you have to do to open the barrier to the underground car park. Register, enter your licence plate number in the app, drive straight to your parking space without any inconvenient detours – as easy as ABC. 

Ecological mobility


You like driving an environmentally friendly vehicle but often have difficulties finding a charging station for your e-car? No problem – just charge it while you’re at work.

Now available at the first locations.

More info about intelligent parking

As a long-term user, the intelligent parking features of Run this place let you enter the underground car park and drive to your parking space contact-free. 

You can still use the app even if you haven’t leased a fixed parking space but still like to drive to the office now and then: just reserve a parking space by the hour or by the day depending on your needs.  

If your company has no parking spaces available, the app offers you an alternative: you can reserve a non-company parking space in the underground car park for a small fee. You will only be charged for the time you actually use it, not for the whole period you reserved it for.